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Chronic migraines and Iodine to cure hormonal imbalance?

Please help me :) I need advice. I have suffered from chronic migraine for 22 the last 6 months it has got allot better as I have been doing

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Benefits of Iodine

The benefits of iodine equals the quality of your life. You can't afford to be without it.

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Iodine Overdosing?

Wanting to really know if it is ok to ingest liquid kelp and use it in baby oil to tan in the same day? Or is it overdosing? RESPONSE There are variables

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Detox Time Frame

OK, so based on the fact that I have more and more cherry angiomas appearing on my chest and stomach, I've come to realize that I am probably iodine deficient.

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Iodine & Zeolite

Hi There I've recently learnt about iodine deficiency and over the past couple of years have read and used Zeolite. Now I'm beginning to wonder if Zeolite

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Psoriasis - 7% iodine tinture

After 23 years of suffering with Psoriasis,, a few weeks ago I found Dr. Simoncini iodine cure on psoriasis... I started with 7% iodine tinture 3 to 4

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Detox with Iodine Therapy

Hello, I was wondering what is the recommended dose for someone who's deficient and also wants to detox from halogens and heavy metals in the body?

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Thyroid Rescue Complex request

Hi and thanks so much for this very helpful website. I was really pleased to learn about cherry angiomas, which my husband and I have, as does my hypothyric

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Thyroid Disease

I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, and Graves disease in the late 90's. I had a goiter in my throat and weighed about 90 pounds. I was given radio iodine

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Links and Resources

Additional Links and Resources You May Find Beneficial

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Iodine Supplements

Find out what iodine supplements are available to you

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Iodized Salt

Is Iodized Salt Really Good for You? Find out the Good, Bad and Ugly Truth.

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Major Health Decline

Symptoms: pain all over my body every moment of every day Fatigue Cherry angiomas Low growth hormone Mass on liver,breast,posterior pituitary Drug resistant

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Iodine and Hair Loss

I lost a lot of my hair due to stress and thyroid problems. I am so interested in your articles stating that the colorless iodine helped restore hair.

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Scalp Psoriasis - could it be Iodine deficiency?

I have had scalp psoriasis for nearly 5 years & it has now spread around the sides of my face & all over my neck. I have tried MANY remedies - from Doctors

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Female Pattern Hair Loss

I am a 28 year old female who is suffering from pattern hair loss and diffuse thinning for the past 11 years. I used to have really thick, straight,

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Thyroidectomy - surgical removal of Thyroid

Hi thanks so much for this opportunity to ask. I had my thyroid removed 22 years ago as a result of radiation treatments to shrink my thymus, when I was

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Liquid Zeolite

Liquid Zeolite is one of the safest and easiest ways to remove heavy metals from your body

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Deadly toxins known as halogens are lurking in your body waiting to destroy your health. Find how they got there and how to get them out.

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Weight Gain

Has any one else gained alot of weight while detoxing with iodine? I've gained nearly 25 pounds. Any explanations or remedies? Thank you. RESPONSE

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Iodine and Viruses

Can lugols iodine taken orally inactivate of kill off the herpes virus? My friend is taking high doses (20 drops) and swears it cured him. RESPONSE

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Possible Iodine Allergy?

Hello, My 14 year old son has eaten all types of seafood his entire life. But, recently immediately after eating shrimp and lobster he has exhibited

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Iodine painting vs. Drinking

Is painting iodine on the skin as effective as drinking it? I am referring to the Lugols 5% iodine solution. Any info you could give would be greatly

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5 Foods that Provide You with Iodine

A deficiency in anything that is needed by the body cannot be good. You will begin noticing some changes in your body, and underlying diseases may be causing

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Adya Clarity

You really should remove Adya Clarity from your site for all of the reasons listed below: Adya Clarity is being sued for misreperesentation. The FDA has

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Iodine and Occipital Neuralgia

Few months back began 12.5 Iodoral based on symptoms. I am 51 years old. Immediately began to have eye twitching, horrible dark moods, etc. etc. and

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Kelp Reaction

I took a 225 mcg. Iodine from Kelp pill at about 3 in the afternoon. I woke up about 4am with a feeling of my throat closing or obstructed. Had some

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Sever Reactions to Shelfish

I had eaten shellfish and ocean fish since I was a kid. Around the age of 30, I started to have violent reactions to shellfish such as shrimp and crab.

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Iodine - Acne

Hi, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid with the beginnings of a goiter. I cannot eat or take anything with iodine in it as my face breaks out with

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Site Map

This is an alphabetical list all the pages on this site.

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Drinking Water Purification

Create your own cost effective drinking water purification system.

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Full Body Detox

A full body detox is your body's best defense. Learn what 5 drops in your water can do.

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Severe Hair Loss due to Styling

Hi, I am suffering from severe hair loss. I read that Decolorised Iodine help reducing hair loss. Where in Mumbai can I buy the same ? Please help.

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Iodine Deficiency

Do you have an Iodine Deficiency? Find out now. Your health depends on it.

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Detox Recommendation

Hello, I read with great interest the information on cherry Angiomas. I have quite a few and I fear the problem is getting worse. I read about the detox

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Lugols - 2% Dosage

For everyone's information, Dave pointed out earlier in a previous e-mail, the 2% dosage of Lugols is 5 drops, not 2 or 3. It requires 5 drops of 2% iodine

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Iodine - Hair Loss

Could low iodine levels cause hair loss? RESPONSE Ann, Low iodine levels can certainly cause hair loss. That is one of the symptoms among others

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Lugols 15% Dosage

I purchased lugos iodine in a 15% soulution. Now I am now wondering how much to take? I also wanted to know if you can tell if its truly iodine and

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Iodine and MSM

Hi, Great website, very informative! Just wondering if you know of any contraindications with taking iodine and MSM together at the same time or separately

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Iodine Overdose Question

First, thank you for this great website. I've really enjoyed drawing from all the things you've learned about iodine, and it has been helpful in guiding

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Lugols - Anxiety

Hi, I suffer from anxiety and I'm taking medication for it. My husband was talking to a friend at work about my anxiety and his friend told him about

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Lugol's Iodine Dosage

I had read on here from Dr. Brownstein to start at 6mg & “gradually increase” to 50mg. What is “gradually increase”? That can range from a week to

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Adya Clarity Issue

I am so glad my sweet sister shared your link with me! I am enjoying exploring all your information as I seek natural cures for my physical problems.

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Elevated Thyroid Antibodies

Hi, I have extremely elevated thyroid antibodies (both thyroid peroxidase and thyroid antiglobulin). Originally I was diagnosed with goiter 30 years ago

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Iodine Patch Test

Are you low in iodine? Try this simple iodine patch test at home

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Lugol's Dosage

Could somebody explain to me please how (as described by Dr Abraham And Dr Brownstein) 15% lugol's containing 5% Iodine and 10% Potassium Iodide per 2

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Lugols Iodine Dosage

I was interested in ordering your Lugol's Solution, but I'm a little confused about the dosage. Another web page that I read suggested an intake of 10

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Lugols Iodine

Lugols iodine is a safe, economical way to supplement your diet.

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Iodine Overdose

Iodine overdose can be debilitating if not treated correctly.

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