Lugols - Anxiety

by Michelle
(London )


I suffer from anxiety and I'm taking medication for it.

My husband was talking to a friend at work about my anxiety and his friend told him about Lugols.

He said it would help me quite a lot.

Because I have never heard of it, I want to find out more.

Please could you let me now if this is true.


Yes, anxiety is one of the symptoms for iodine deficiency.

I suggest you take a good look at this website and ready everything. Look at the Site Map and pick out topics which appeal to you.

You may order Lugols iodine through the store on this site. I prefer to take Iodoral tablets opposed to Lugols which is a liquid you put into water or juice.

Take a look at Lugols Iodine as a starting point to increase your knowledge about iodine deficiency.

Let me know how you do. Good luck.

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