Halogens are a class of elements consisting of bromine, fluoride, chlorine, and astatine. These elements play a major role in your quality of life.

A brief review of information from Wikipedia clearly explains why we should be concerned. These elements are:

"... highly reactive, and as such can be harmful or lethal to living biological organisms in sufficient quantities. This high reactivity is due to the atoms being highly electronegative due to their high effective nuclear charge."

A full explanation of each halogen follows. The key words to note are harmful or lethal to living biological organisms.

Halogens - Disruptors

Once these toxins enter your body, they disrupt all the cell enzymes. The cell enzymes can not access vital nutritional minerals such as magnesium, zinc, selenium and iodine.

Without these nutrients, the nerves, hormones, digestion and immune functions are compromised.

Additionally, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, uranium and perchlorate contribute to the depletion of the body's functions.

The halogens are antagonistic elements which completely block the absorption of iodine and are stored as a toxic halide.

A halide is binary compound with one part halogen atom and one part less electromagnetic radical. These halides are stored in your iodine deficient receptors.

Unfortunately, your body is not able to differentiate between iodine/iodide and the destructive "pseudo-iodides". Consequently, bromide, chlorine, thiocyanate, cyanate, nitrate, and perchlorate (rocket and airplane fuel)are all stored in the same receptors.


Bromine binds to the body's receptors and block the absorption of iodine receptors primarily in the thyroid and stomach.

The list of bromine is long, varied and frightening:

  • Used in most grains
  • Used in bleached and enriched flour
  • Used as a retardant in furniture, carpets and clothing
  • Used as a preservative in nuts and oils
  • Sprayed on strawberries and vegetables
  • Used as a fumigant for termites
  • Used as an antibacterial agent along with chlorine in hot tubs and pools
  • Used in Paxil and Prozak
  • Used in carbonated drinks such as Mountain Dew, AMP Energy drink, some Gatorade, Code Red, Dr. Pepper, HC, Sun Drop, Fanta, Minute Maid Lemonade, Citrus Gatorade
  • Used in computers and automobiles

Bromine poisoning, called bromism, is known to cause schizophrenia, delirium, retardation and hallucinations. In milder cases, it may cause dullness, depression, headaches and irritability.


Chloride in an oxidized form of chlorine. It is used in city water, swimming pools, used as a whitener, and a disinfectant.

Chlorine is toxic and blocks the absorption of iodine in the body competing with bromide and fluoride.


This is the explosive ingredient in solid rocket fuel. It has leached into the ground water supply from military facilities and the aerospace industry.

The Environmental Working Group has done numerous studies including the damage caused by perchlorate. It has far reaching effects on women affecting their thyroid and especially pregnant women who even more vulnerable. Thus far, 43 states report this halogen contaminating the water supply.

It is now in the food supply. When lettuce was tested in southern California, 83% of the samples showed significant levels of perchlorate.

Perchlorate causes iodine deficiency by binding the receptors in the body.

This causes thyroid cancer, goiterism, hypothyroidism, weakening of the immune system and disruption of the menstrual cycle according to a report issued by the U.S. Environmental Protective Agency.

Reports show an extremely high concentration of perchlorate particulates around airports. I live 5 minutes from an airport and hear planes coming and going all day long.


The American Dental Association has backed the addition of fluoride in our drinking water as a preventative for cavities.

Evidence shows that this claim is defective. Many European countries have totally banned the use of fluoride as an additive in their water supply.

This practice has produced profound negative effects. Reports show that fluoride is associated with cancer, causes goiterism and diminishes the capacity of the pineal gland.

At one time, it was standard medical practice to administer fluoride to slow down an overactive thyroid gland.

Dr. David Brownstein (www.drbrownstein.com), author of "Iodine - Why You Need it" and Why You Can't Live Without It", notes that when iodine is supplemented after only one dose, the excretion of the fluoride from the urine increased by 78%. Bromine excretion increased 50%.

This is especially useful to know since almost everyone of us drinks water treated with fluoride either from our water faucet or ice cubes from the restaurant.

Fluoride Research

In research performed at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, in 2002, an interesting comparison was made showing the link between fluoride toxicity and hypothroidism.


This particular toxin is only used for scientific study due to its extremely atomic short life.


The U.S. public spent over $2.2 trillion last year on health care costs. These statistics point out that over $800,000 billion is directly related to consumption of chemical laden junk food.

U.S. industries manufacture and import approximately 75,000 chemicals with 3,000 of those at more than a million pounds per year.

Besides halogens, there is another toxin which you should know about which is mercury.  Learn how you can remove it from your body naturally.

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