I've always had a dream to make my business website, but, I thought it was over my head.

I'm not a computer techie nor am I particularly computer savvy in any way, shape or form.   I can "copy" and "paste" and I know what a URL is. That was about the extent of my computer skills.

My Past Failures

I thought if I tested enough programs, I would eventually find something that worked for me.

I bought a $600.00 program to supposedly help me build a site to sell "widgets". The only thing I learned was how to throw my money away and there wasn't much of a market for "widgets".

Then, I joined an Affiliate program for $300.00. I failed miserably at that, too.

Site Build It

After becoming totally jaded with it all, I stumbled upon a program called Site Build It or SBI.

As skeptical as I was, I decided to read everything I could about it.

I learned to search the Internet for reviews and opinions. Of course, I found people who liked it and people who didn't like it.

Finally, I was able to speak to someone IN PERSON who bought the program.

He explained how it worked for him and how he developed a very successful business on line.

One More Time

I thought I would try this ONE MORE TIME to make my business website.

I paid my $299.00 to SBI and started the program.  Recently, they added the option of making partial payment for those of us who are having a hard time financially.   

A monthly payment plan makes it easier if you are on a tight budget.

This program walks you through all the steps from developing a nugget of an idea; researching to see if it viable; to developing a diversified revenue stream.

Good News

I learned alot on how to make my business website by thoroughly researching  for a special niche until I found something I could be excited about it.

It's about IODINE.

I know - I know - it doesn't strike most people as interesting until you learn that all of us have some type of iodine deficiency in one way or another and you learn how it affects your health.   The last report I read stated that 90% of the world is iodine deficient. 

Iodine Resource is Born

From this point on, my SBI website began to grow.  I learned how to make my business website site which is now used as a Reference Page for EHow.   This is an extremely popular site where people look for information. 

Curezone uses my site as a reference and an on-line medical resource book has linked to my page about potassium bromate and how we're being slowly poisoned.

My page rankings are growing by leaps and bounds as more and more sites are linking to this site as a reliable source of information.

My Goal

As my business website continues to grow and increase in rankings, my earnings increase. Am I thrilled that I "hung in there" and decided to give Solo Build It a try - you bet.

The site has taken alot of time and effort to provide a fact based site to help people, but its worth it.

This program works.

The best part is I have a community of like-minded individuals who are also developing their sites and sharing their hard earned information with each other so we all can succeed.

This site is only the beginning. I have several more ideas I want to develop. I'm on my way up.

Success on the internet is possible if you have the proper tools and support.

Oh, and by the way, I learned how to make my business website.

You can too. 

Take a look at this to see if this is something that may interest you.

Now is the time to created your own business.

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