Iodine Pills can Rebuild and Protect your Thyroid

The most popular of all the iodine pills on the market today is called Iodoral. This pill is produced by the Optimox Corporation.

It is forumlated to replenish cells which are deficient in iodine.

Iodine is an essential mineral needed by the entire body to combat fatigue, irregular body temperature, chills, hot flashes and hyper or hypothyroidism also called iodine deficiency.

In addition, this pill can be used to shield the thyroid if a nuclear emergency occurs.

The tablet contains 5 mg. of iodine and 7.5 mg of potassium iodine, along with colloidal silica, cellulose, and vegetable strearins.

The recommended dosage is from 1 to 4 tablets daily. I currently take 3 - 4 a day for my iodine deficiency.

Recently, the supply has been fluctuating daily due to an extremely high demand.

Dr. Brownstein, expert in iodine deficiency and author of Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can't live without it states that iodized salt and the iodine supplements usually found in health food stores contain only the iodide form of iodine.

He has had very little success treating patients with thyroid problems with only iodide.

The supplement Iodoral contains both the iodide (reduced) and iodine (oxidized) forms of iodine because the body needs this specific balance in order to use it efficiently.

No significant research studies have been published on iodine. Since iodine, a basic element, cannot be patented, there is no incentive for the drug companies to pursue this (think money).

Radiation Protection

Potassium Iodide is recommended by the United States Department of Homeland Security for protection again radiation exposure.

This bitter tasting pill is being recognized as a protective mechanism for the thyroid in case of radiation exposure.

The main concern is exposure to radioactive iodine 131 from nuclear power plant fallout which is happening in Japan.

Potassium iodide (KI) only protects the thyroid from absorption/uptake of the radiation which can cause cancer.

The radiation is excreted by the body when it has enough iodine to protect the thyroid.

The pill must be taken prior to exposure and lasts for 24 hours. You should continue taking the pill under the danger has passed.

Make certain you are not allergic to iodine before you start any type of treatment.

Alternatives to Iodine Pills

If your concern is radioactivity, consider ingesting Bentonite Clay or starting a treatment of Zeolite Liquid to flush the toxins from your system.

Dr. Sircus has studied sulfur extensively. He has found that sulfur has the ability to disinfect blood, aid the body in resisting bacteria, and protect the protoplasm of cells.

However, the most important part is that it protects the body against radiation and pollution.

Miso, a folk remedy for centuries has been used for everything from weak digestion, treatment for cancer and radiation sickness.

Recently this remedy has now been validated by medical science.

What makes this soup so interesting is the combination of ingredients and a double fermentation of soybeans and grains which added to its potency.

Recent converts to Misco consider this their private medicine cabinet.

Liquid Iodine

Another alternative against radiation poisoning is the use of tincture of iodine. Paint a quarter size of iodine on the inside of your arm or on your stomach.

This should be applied two hours prior to exposure of radiation. You should continue with this treatment until the emergency has passed.


Doctor G. E. Abraham, expert in iodine deficiency, states that iodine is the most feared and yet safest of all the trace elements essential for our health.

Reference: G. E. Abraham, MD, "The safe and effective implementation of orthoiodosupplementation in medical practice."

Iodine Deficiency

If you haven't check out the full extent of iodine deficiency you really should.

You may be experiencing strange physical symptoms which may be related to this often misdiagnosed deficiency.

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