A full body detox is your body's best defense.

You and I both know that we are bombarded by thousands of chemicals day in and day out - some very obvious and some not obvious.

These toxins are stored in your body. Eventually the body is unable to handle the task of purification and becomes overloaded with halogens. And, your health pays the price.

The Natural Way to Detox

How often have you asked for a detoxification product that is easy to use; doesn't cause gastric upset; and doesn't require you to schedule your weekend in the house?

I found a simple detox product quite by accident when I received an invitation to view this video. I watched it, was amazed by what I saw, ordered the product and have never looked back. You need to ignore the Japanese language. Just watch the video.

This is Nature's Formula called Adya Clarity™ taken from the Earth.

This is a natural detoxification for the Earth, you and me.

My Full Body Detox

I started taking Adya Clarity™ because I wanted a full body detox and felt it was time to help my body.

The challenge for years has been to remove mercury from my system from old dental fillings. I also smoked for 20 years so my body needs as much help as I can provide.

Both of these deadly toxins prevented my body from absorbing iodine in to my system.

I initially consumed two drops of AC with 4 oz. of water. Because I am a sensitive, I knew I may have an instant reaction, which I did.

I felt the water go throughout my system. Then, I experienced temporary mild cramps which quickly passed.

Detox Result

The next morning at 8:30 AM, I had a huge bowel movement. Then, another one at 10:00 AM, then a third one at 10:30 AM.

The final movement was yellow and smelled like a huge composite chemical dump. I have never smelled or seen anything like this before.

When, I tested the spring water for its pureness with Adya Clarity™, I saw the disgusting results settle to the bottom of the glass. I had been faithfully putting this into my body. I continued using Adya Clarity™ by adding a teaspoon in every gallon of water I drink.

I drink this water through out the day and find I am obtaining the full body detox on a regular basis usually every two weeks with the foul smelling stool.

The body clears in levels, then adjusts and clears again.

I am now using the 32 oz. size of Adya Clarity™ because I use the water for cooking and for my animals.

What is Adya Clarity™ ?

Adya Clarity™, created by black mica, is a dissolved ionic mineral salt consisting of magnetic sulfate.

The function of this liquid is to attach to contaminants whether they are in your water or in your body.

It has the abiity to attract because of its magnetic properties and renders toxins harmless.

Besides its ability to pull contaminants out of your body, it also provides 80 much needed trace minerals in a 100% bioavailable solution.

This ionic solution can easily be absorbed into your body and into the cells.

The energy and frequency in the water is increased and is made sweeter with the release of the toxins. I find I crave the water. I do not have to force myself to drink it.

The Benefits of Adya Clarity™

Adya Clarity™ does the following:

  • Converts sodium fluoride to calcium fluoride (good for your teeth)
  • Eliminates chlorine, bromine, and aluminum chloramines
  • Reduces heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and nitrates
  • Reduces pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and solvents
  • Eliminates viruses, Candida, and 4 types of bacteria such as E. Coli
  • Eliminates Coliforms, mold, fungus, and parasites
  • Removes cellular waste residue from tissues, fluids, glands and organs
  • Actives oxygen to increase assimilation to nourish the cells
  • Maximizes potential growth hormone, glutathione and super oxide dismutase (SOD)
  • Stimulates proper and efficient cellular metabolism
  • Provides hydration on the cellular level to optimize enzymatic function
  • Chelates radiation
  • Eliminates tartar on your teeth

I take the 2 ounce size with me whenever I am away from the house and know that I will be drinking restaurant water.

The 16 ounce size purifies 129 - 150 gallons.

The 32 ounce size purifies 240 - 300 gallons.

Water Filtration System

I am now using the water filtration system which works on gravity.

I add one teaspoon per gallon as instructed to purify the water.

The bottom filter contains activated carbon, quartz and zeolite. This filter will process 300 gallons of water.

The Adya Clarity™ products and water purifier may be found in the Store on the main page of this site under the category of Detoxification Products.

Additional Testimonial for Full Body Detox

My friend, Gail, is also taking Adya Clarity™ and is experiencing a full body detox.

She reported the same yellow bowel movement after two weeks. She was disappointed she didn't have it sooner as she was looking forward to the visual "proof".

She said the aroma reminded her of old medicine.

These "yellow aftermath" clearings are continuing every 2 to 3 weeks for her as well.

Gail has a previous history of kidney stones and lately was experiencing pain in her urethra.

Two weeks after starting with AC, she passed small sediment and a small stone.

Her urine smelled like burned sugar. The pains she had been experiencing in her urethra stopped immediately.

Additional Report of Clearing

ENERGY Gail finds her energy has increased.

EYES Her eyes become crusty with "gunk" every three days. She believes her eyes are detoxing. Colors are brighter and images are sharper.

WEIGHT She is losing weight in her arms, stomach and legs. Nothing else has changed in her diet to cause this weight loss.

SPRAIN Recently, she twisted her ankle. She swabbed her swollen ankle with the AC and the swelling diminished and pain subsided substantially.

BUG BITE She had a quarter size bug bite on her leg which was swollen and itched. She applied AC to the area before she went to bed. When she awoke in the morning, the bite had totally disappeared.

TARTAR Gail wants to make sure you know this really removes the tartar from you teeth. She puts 3 drops in a small amount of water, swishes it around in her mouth for 30 seconds and swallows the solution. Her teeth feel like she just had a dental cleaning.

Lets Not Forget the Animals

Gail's cat, Princess, is the poster child for AC.

Princess, fourteen years old, had been experiencing arthritis and blocked bowels. Gail, started using 4 - 5 drops of AC in her drinking water.

After a week, Gail noticed that Princess was walking better.

She is also having a full body detox. Her bowel movements have a distinct putrid odor from the release of toxins.

Her bowel movements are now regular and Gail no longer needs to use medication to stimulate the bowel.


A full body detox is possible with a minimal amount of work and maximum result for you and your animals.

If the body is not cleared of these accumulated toxins, health conditions can occur such as iodine deficiency. You can avoid these problems or even worse conditions by adding iodine to your diet.

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