A Basic Primer for Iodine Supplements

If you are trying to figure out which of the many iodine supplements on the market are best for you. This guide will help you decide which is best.

You can increase your odds in finding the correct product for you rather than playing a game of chance with your health.

Its always better if you can find a knowledgeable health practitioner to work with you.

It is assumed you have already determined that you are not allergic to iodine.

If you're not certain whether or not you're allergic to iodine, a review of the iodine allergy information may help you.

Also, take a look at iodine allergy symptoms to resolve this question in your mind.


Exactly what dose is best for you is often difficult to determine.

Some people only need a minimal amount of iodine. For others with a serious iodine deficiency problem, more iodine supplementation is required.

The best barometer to determine your requirements, is to go by how you feel.

Many people believe tests are the best way to determine your metabolic balance. Unfortunately, the tests may not be that accurate.

The key consideration is still determined by how you feel.

Most Effective Supplements

Lugols Iodine is the most popular liquid form of iodine for a very good reason. It works.

Dr. Lugol, the inventor of this product, recommended using two drops of the mixture a day which provided an almost identical dose needed for a healthy body's minimal maintenance.

Five Percent Lugols consists of 5% iodine and 10% potassium iodine with 85% distilled water. Some individuals respond well to this tincture. The only complaint about Lugols is the metallic taste which some individuals are unable to tolerate. Adding the drops to orange juice helps.

Dr. Brownstein recommends a daily intake for iodine supplementation of 2 to 6 drops of 5% Lugol solution containing 12.5 to 37.5 mg total iodide/potassium iodine.

If your health is compromised, you may need to increase the amount until your symptoms lessen. Start slowly and build up. No prescription is necessary.


The product, Iodoral is a tablet form of Lugol's solution. Iodoral is supplied in bottles of 90 and 180 tablets, and comes in 12.5 mg and 7.5 mg, or 50 mg per tablet. The tablets are coated with a thin film to facilitate ingestion.

The high potency 50 mg contains 20 mg of iodine and 30 mg of iodide to prevent stomach irritation. One tablet of 12.5 mg is equal to two drops of 5% Lugols (or 5 drops of 2% iodine). No prescription is necessary.

Dr. Brownstein, highly respected iodine authority, recommends this product as does Breast Cancer Choices.

Other Iodine Products

Emphasis has been added to the amount of iodine per drop so you can see for yourself the total amount available.

As with any product, each manufacturer believes his product is the best.

I've kept the description short and sweet. If you decide to purchase any of these products, directions will be provided for the suggested amount and frequency to be taken.

The purpose of the following information is to show you the different amount of iodine in each drop of the product.

Pay special attention to the difference between MG and MCG. Milligram is a larger amount than microgram.

The following products are listed in alphabetial order:

  • ATOMODINE: One drop contains 600 mcg of iodine

  • ATOMIC IODINE: One drop contains 600 mcg of iodine

  • DETOXIFIED IODINE: One drop contains 200 mcg of iodine

  • IOSOL IODINE: One drop contains 1.83 mg of iodine/iodide

  • MAGNASCENT IODINE: One drop contains .2mg of iodine

  • NASCENT IODINE: One drop contains 200 mcg of iodine

  • NASCENDYNE IODINE: One drop equals .2 mg of iodine

  • PROLAMINE IODINE: One drop contains 3 mgs of iodine

  • REJUVEDINE IODINE: One drop contains 25 mg of Potassium Iodide (SSKI) and 19 mg of Iodine

  • THYODINE: One drop contains 150 mcg Iodine Fucus Vesiculosus 3x, Thyroid 3x, Spongia Tosta 12x, and Thyroid 30c


Different parts of the body use different types of iodine.

The thyroid gland uses iodide which is iodine with an extra electron.

Breasts, the prostate gland and skin mainly use iodine.

The thyroid gland secretes one teaspoon of thyroid hormone in one year.

Using an Iodine Supplement

If you decide not to supplement your diet with iodine, you may find you are becoming iodine deficient. If this happens, your body is prone to a long list of strange and varied ailments.

You will find it is better to be proactive using a simple solution of iodine.

Find out how the benefits of iodine profoundly affect your health in numerous ways.

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