Are you really allergic to iodine?

A true iodine allergy is extremely rare.

There are several scenarios which may make you think you are allergic to iodine:

  • Reaction after undergoing a scan test with iodine contrast;
  • ´╗┐Reaction after eating shellfish;
  • Reaction after taking desiccated thyroid for treatment of Hashimoto's disease;
  • Reaction after using Lugol's iodine or Iodoral;
  • Reaction after taking desiccated thyroid.

Possible Reasons for Your Reaction

SCAN TEST: You could be reacting to the contrasting dye in the test material rather than the iodine.


You could be reacting to the proteins and pollutants in the shellfish, rather than the iodine.


You could be reacting to a continued low dosage of dessicated thyroid for treatment of Hashimoto's disease rather than increasing the dosage.

You continue to feed the attack of your antibodies on your thyroid. An increase of the thyroid hormones will rebuild your immune system and stop the attack.


Lugol's iodine acts as a detoxifier and releases the toxins stored in your body. The toxins include bromine, fluoride, chlorine, lead and mercury.

If your liver is already overloaded with toxins, you will experience detox symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches, fever, diarrhea, and brain fog.


Your reaction from desiccated thyroid after reaching the two to three grains level is not an allergic reaction to the iodine.

If you experience breathlessness and rapid heart beat, including anxiety, you could be experiencing adrenal fatigue or sluggish adrenals which are producing low cortisol.

Without the proper adrenal support and adequate supply of cortisol, you will continue to have these reactions.


You need to consider all the factors before you decide that iodine is the culprit and you have an allergy to iodine.

If you are thinking about removing this essential element from you diet which provides numerous benefits, please consider the long term consequences.

If you decide that iodine is not the villian, there is a host of natural foods you can eat that will provide your body's basic need for iodine without the reaction.

You've learned what can cause an iodine allergy reaction. Now find out more about your iodine allergy symptoms.

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