A Simple Solution

By using liquid zeolite, your body is able to rid itself of heavy metals and toxins acquired over a lifetime of living.

Accumulated toxins such as halogens eventually reach a critical point where the liver, the main cleansing mechanism of the body, is overwhelmed.

Fortunately, the liver has the ability to rebuild itself if given proper support through a cleansing program.

Heavy metals which affect your body:

  • Dental amalgam fillings - 50% mercury; 50% zinc, silver, copper, tin and trace elements
  • Lead paint
  • Cadmium from car fumes, paint fumes, cigarette smoke
  • Iron
  • Excessive manganese in the air from industrial activities and burning of fossil fuels
  • Aluminum - cookware, drinking water
  • Arsenic

Inorganic chemicals affecting your body:

  • Residue from caffeine, nicotine, colas
  • Residue from nuclear and medical procedures
  • Food preservatives/chemicals
  • Residue from vaccination poisons
  • Residue from pesticides/insecticides
  • Residue from radiation, TV, microwaves, cellphones

What Is Zeolite?

The name zeolite, comes from the Greek word meaning "a stone that boils".

It is created when molten lava contacts water. The scientific name is clinoptilotite.

It has a negative charge which attracts positive charged toxic minerals.

The honeycomb structure of the rock allows it to pull in or bind with toxins, metals, and impurities in the body.

The toxins are then trapped and carried out of the body.

Zeolites are in the alumino silicate family of microporous solids called “molecular sieves.”

One gram of Zeolite clay, with its three dimensional structure of channels, provides up to several hundred square meters of surface area on which to attract toxins.

Clinical Research supports the findings that the use of activated clinoptliolite increases urinary excretion of toxic heavy metals.

Liquid Zeolite Benefits

Besides removing the heavy metals and inorganic chemicals from your body, zeolite may also:

  • Improve enzyme function
  • Remove viral particles
  • Improve immune system
  • Remove allergens
  • Ease digestive tract symptoms
  • May relieve diarrhea symptoms
  • Remove petroleum residue from products absorbed in your body
  • Assist with the absorption of iodine to obtain its benefits.

Zeolite Protocol

There are several different liquid zeolite formulas on the market that I've tried.

However, I found that using zeolite efficiently removes heavy metals, chemicals and toxins from my body.

I have not experienced any detox problems such as flu like symptoms nor have I experienced extreme fatigue.

Essential trace minerals, trace elements and amino acids have been added which help the body with the cleansing process.

ORME technology allows the monoatomic elements to be more easily assimilated by your body.

Complimentary Treatments

CLAY: The product, LL's Magnetic Clay, provides 100% natural detoxification with bentonite clay and specifically chosen herbs.

Toxins are removed through the skin, the largest and most viable detoxification pathway for your body.

There are various protocols to address specific toxicities using pure and natural products.

SAUNA: Use of an infrared sauna is beneficial in removing the toxins.

SULFUR: An increase of organic sulfur compounds (thiols) with the addition of MSM and glutathione has also been recommended.

Other Uses of Zeolite

In some parts of the world, zeolite now replaces toxic phosphate in detergents.

It is used to reduce nuclear fission from water.

Zeolite has been used for more than 800 years in India, China, Russia and Asia in their traditional medicines for general health.

In the United States, it has been used for water filtration, air purification, and added to animal feed to improve bone density.

It is also used for:

  • Reduction of urine odor in cat litter
  • Soil treatment to slowly release nitrogen preventing root rot
  • Protection of crops during droughts
  • Elimination of 80% of ammonia odors from feed animal lots
  • Solar thermal collectors for adsorption refrigeration
  • Harvesting of waste heat and solar energy heat
  • Removal of smoke smell from clothing
  • Aquarium filters


Zeolite, used in a liquid or a powdered form, performs a vital function by providing a natural detoxing agent for man, animals, and the environment.

If you chose not to use liquid zeolite as a natural detox, you may find yourself faced with the dilemma of an iodine deficiency caused by an overly toxic body.

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