The benefits of iodine in the body are far reaching. Oddly enough, it is the least understood of all the essential trace elements.

This is the safest of all the essential trace elements which can be administered in large amounts when in an inorganic nonradioactive form.

Iodine is stored throughout your entire body - the skin, teeth, nails, all the organs, and bones.

When you have the correct amount of iodine in your body, you are able to:

  • Maintain your energy level all day
  • Maintain your weight
  • Live without aches and pains
  • Maintain a cheerful and uplifted attitude
  • Have a clear memory
  • Able to tolerate cold
  • Have normal bowel movements;
  • Have full and shiny hair; and
  • Obtain restful night at sleep
  • Have normal skin and supple fingernails

Slide Presentation

This information was presented at the Iodine Medical Conference in 2007 by Drs. Guy Abrahams and David Brownstein, two of the top physicians specializing in the field of iodine deficiency.

The factual slide presentation quickly informs you of this relatively unknown deficiency.


Without the proper amount of iodine in you system, your metabolism may be completely imbalanced. A very important companion trace element is  selenium which should be taken in conjunction with an iodine supplement. This ensures the proper regulation of the thyroid and iodine metabolism.

The essential hormones created are thyroxine or T4 in your thyroid, which is then concentrated into trilodothyronine or T3. This is carried through the bloodstream to nourish the body.

These two important hormones reach into every cell in the body and balance the metabolism. They convert oxygen and calories into available energy for your everyday needs.

With the correct balance, your body is able to efficiently burn calories and avoid storing fats, to maintain robust health.

Foods High in Iodine

If you believe you are deficient in iodine, there is a way to add specifics foods to your diet. These foods high in iodine can be readily absorbed by your body to help restore your iodine levels naturally.


Current research has proven that additional benefits of iodine in the body reduces cholesterol and homocysteine levels by as much as 30%. This prohibits the build up of plaque in arteries.

Simple Solutions

The product, Lugol's Solution is a popular form of treatment with the ingestion of liquid iodine in the proper amount for easy absorption by the body.

Detailed information may be found at Lugols Iodine which provides the history, composition and suggested dosage.

This product also comes in pill form called Iodoral for those individuals who can not tolerate the taste of the iodine.

This product contains a balanced amount of 5 mg. iodine and 7.5 iodide as potassium salt. Dosage in the pill form can be more accurate than using the liquid. Suggested dosage is 1 to 4 pills a day taken throughout the day.

Supplementation with Iodine

There are alot of iodine products on the market. Each company believes their product is the best.

An iodine supplementation comparison of the quantity of iodine per drop allows you the ability to analyze how much is being delivered to your system with each drop you take.

Additional Benefits of Iodine

Additional health benefits of iodine include:

  • Prevention of still births in pregnant women;
  • Reduction of fibrosis disease in breast tissue;
  • Prevents mental retardation;
  • Enhanced anti-cancer properties; and
  • Removal of mercury, from the body as well as halogens such as fluoride, lead, mercury, and bromide.

The lack of sufficient iodine leads to iodine deficiency, which can develop a host of seemingly unrelated health problems. It is important that you know this information.

Additional Uses of Iodine

If you start looking at the labels of products at the store, you will found the benefits of iodine are known in the commercial arena and are quite extensive.

Iodine is added to gauze bandages, creams, gargles, skin cleansers, shampoos, suppositories, and aerosol sprays.

Commercial industry uses iodine as a sanitizer and disinfectant for building maintenance and food processing plants. Potable water and swimming pools are also safely sanitized.

The medical field and the industrial field have quietly been using iodine as their secret agent for years.

You may use iodine as a psoriasis home treatment or you may use it as a treatment for warts.

White iodine has been used successfully for hair loss.

Iodine Overdose

In your quest to obtain the full benefits of iodine, you may accidentally consume more iodine than your body can handle.

If that happens, you need to know the safe and simple remedies to correct an iodine overdose.


Do you know it is an old wives tale that we obtain enough iodine in iodized salt? This is incorrect. Iodized salt is a poor source of iodide. Your body can not readily absorb it. You would need to ingest 20 teaspoons of iodized salt daily to get adequate quantities of iodine. Recent tests conducted by John Dunn in an article entitled "What's Happening to Our Iodine" published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrine and Metabolism, Vol. 83, No. 10, 1998, stated that less than 50% of the U.S. population used iodized table salt.

Iodized Salt

Find out what has happened to our iodized salt supply and what chemicals have been added to "help us".

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