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OK, so based on the fact that I have more and more cherry angiomas appearing on my chest and stomach, I've come to realize that I am probably iodine deficient.

I am 56 years old and have had fibrocystic breast disease for years.

I also have thinning eyebrows and thinning hair, but my thyroid tests have always come back "normal".

MY QUESTION IS THIS: I am doing Dr. Brownstein's detox for bromine: the Iodine, Celtic salt, Vitamin C and Magnesium. But 10,000 g. Vitamin C a day?

That sounds like alot ! So how long should I keep taking it?


The cherry angiomas are bromine poisoning caused from eating bread products preserved with this chemical. See cherry angiomas.

According to Dr. Brownstein's protocol on page 177 of his book, "Iodine - Why you need it and can't live without it., he suggests a higher dose of vitamin c from anywhere from 3,000 - 10,000 mg. per day. He states that the only side effect from the higher dose may be diarrhea. The excess vitamin c is released from the body.

How long do you continue with this? I would say when your hair starts to grow back, you body is telling you it is beginning to heal.

I hope this helped.

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Thyroid issues with Cat
by: Vicki

My cat Armand who is now 14 yrs. old is exhibiting Hyperthyroidism and after extensive research, I discovered it is pretty much an epidemic. They are not sure what is causing it but speculated it might be from flip top cat food cans, or flame retardant contact. I know for a fact it isn't the cans as my girlfriend's cat died from it and never once ate canned cat food.

I found conflicting info that said give them iodine so that's what I have been doing. I read this is actually tumors on their thyroid and they either go on this pill which has side effects or get the "cure" which is radiation. They have to stay for at least a week at the vets as their waste products are radioactive and it is at least $800.

If I had this I wouldn't go the radiation route as I believe it and chemo are main stream medicine and there are better solutions. If anyone knows of any, please help.


Thank you for sharing this information.

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