Iodine and Viruses

Can lugols iodine taken orally inactivate of kill off the herpes virus?

My friend is taking high doses (20 drops) and swears it cured him.


Yes, Lugols can kill viruses. That is what iodine does. If your friend swears it cured him, I would believe it.

Besides iodine having the ability to kill viruses, it has additional benefits.

Iodine is an amazing trace element.

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Iodine clears herpes sooner than pills and creams
by: Anonymous

I am not sure how my mom found this out but after trying Desitin(baby cream)she moved to regular iodine. The Desitin worked by clearing the rash up in about 5 days and helping with the pain BUT the iodine(regular CVS brand) took away the pain and dried the sore up in 2 days!!

She puts a few drops on a cotton ball and leaves it on the sore for a few seconds at a time, doing this 3 to 4 times in a day. The iodine draws the sore to a head by bringing the ooze up and out very quickly. Couple of draw backs, it will make the area a small scab within a day, it will sting after first time the iodine is placed on your skin but the pain is worth it, she says, because the sore is stopped from spreading, and dries up in a day!! MIRACLE WORKER!!

Lugols - Overdose
by: Anonymous

I started with 8 drops of lugols iodine 5% for the herpes virus and felt great the first few hours.

After that, I began to have bad anxiety and depression. I also began to notice body twitches all over my body which persisted even after stopping lugols.

I am very concerned about all this. Any ideas about what is going on?

I increased to 10 drops after a couple days at 8 but because of the issues had to stop.


Whoa! You are overdosing!

Did you read Lugols Iodine?

You gradually increase the dosage on a weekly basis - not in hours or days.

Be kind to your body.

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