Iodine and Hair Loss

I lost a lot of my hair due to stress and thyroid problems.

I am so interested in your articles stating that the colorless iodine helped restore hair.

How much do you use and how do you do it?



I suggest that you dab the colorless iodine on with a cotton ball in the evening before you go to bed. Make certain it has dried first!

I would cover the entire scalp area making certain it is saturated. There is no strict protocol for this.

Do a test area first to see if it stings your scalp. The colorless iodine is less potent than regular iodine.

Good luck!

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White iodine for hair loss
by: Anna

I just found this great info and have a Q - if I use Lugol (in a water), should I stop it when using white iodine on scalp ? How much iodine one can have from scalp applications?


I don't believe there will be a problem with using the white iodine on the scalp as long as you do not totally saturate your scalp.

Go luck.


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