Adya Clarity Issue

I am so glad my sweet sister shared your link with me! I am enjoying exploring all your information as I seek natural cures for my physical problems.

So, thank you for sharing all your hard earned knowledge with the rest of us!

I noticed that you referenced two of my favorite sites as I read your site. Earth Clinic and Natural News have both been blessings to me in my search for natural cures information.

I saw a comment from one of your readers about using Adya Clarity, which I had never heard of until recently, when I read Natural News articles warnings about the product.

I just wanted to share one of the links to one of several articles they have posted lately for your consideration: OOPS, I guess I can't leave the link here, I just read the "Submission Guidelines".

Since you are familiar with the site, though, perhaps you could check their archives for the warnings. It had to do with aluminum sulfate and iron sulfate exposure. Plus the company has been accused of not properly labeling the product as to its content. The most recent article is enitled, "Adya Clarity - how to intelligently read and calculate possible toxic exposures to excess iron and aluminum". There are several other articles, he really seems to be extremely concerned.

Thank you again! Geri


Thanks Geri for sending me this information. I saw all the articles, too. And, have read everything I can find.

The company Adya Clarify has responded to Mike Adams regarding these allegations.

I am extremely confident with the product and believe there is more than meets the eye on this smear campaign.

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Adya Clarity - Not as Smear Campaign
by: Anonymous

This is not a smear campaign the FDA has tested Adya Clarity to be toxic. It is not just Mike Adams, Health Canada as well.

It really undermines your credability. You really should not recomend something with toxic levels of aluminum in it.

Are you a distributor or shareholder. This is an otherwise wonderful website.

Please remove adya clarity from your site.


Please contact me at to share the sites/information where you found this about Adya Clarity so I can decide for myself.

I would appreciate it.


Adya Clarify Attack
by: Nissim Malul

There was a vicious attack on Adya Clarity.

All accusations by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, are completely false and not based in fact.

Adya Inc. received notification that Canada has issued 2 new Natural Product Numbers for Themarox and for Adya Clarity.

This notification sets out that it is safe to take up to 7 ½ teaspoons of Adya Clarity a day for adults.

The issuances of these numbers negates the accusations of Mike Adams. It is impossible for him to maintain any accusation in light of this announcement.

For your information, it is extremely difficult to obtain a Natural Product Number from Canada. The cost to apply for one is $25,000.00, with no guarantee that you will obtain the NPN.

Thank you for letting me share this information with everyone.

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