Lugols 15% Dosage

by Elizabeth
(Oakland, CA)

I purchased lugos iodine in a 15% soulution.

Now I am now wondering how much to take? I also wanted to know if you can tell if its truly iodine and not a scam as some of the places you can get them online are not in the country and are online ordering due to iodine being regulated in the U.S.

I have been taking only one drop a day and I dont think that it is enough but with reading all the info I think I should be taking more.

Please help as I want to get my children using it so they can enjoy the benefits I am getting.

Thank You for your fourm.


I did some research for the 15% Lugols and this is what I found:

Per drop - 1/12ml has a total of 30.2mg with 24mg
of iodine and 12mg potassium.

I am taking 12.5 mg of Iodoral tablet which is iodine 4 times a day for a total of 50 mg. daily.

So, if your one drop equals 30.2 mg. I would say that two drops a day would be plenty for an adult. I also read that it is recommended you apply it to your skin (transdermally) for better absorption.

When buying iodine, always stick with name brands on popular sites. Iodoral and Lugols through the store on this site offers quality products.

I hope this helps. Keep me informed.

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Hard to tell any difference
by: Pyra

I originally started with Iosol Iodine. Each drop of that is 1.8 mg of iodine.

According to the bottle of Lugol's each drop from the dropper in the bottle top is 1/20th metric milliliter, and 7.55 mg of iodine.

For the last month, I have been taking between 25-50 mg of iodine daily to detox my body of fluoride, bromides, and other heavy metals. Not for hypo or hyper thyroidism.

I also take selenium, magnesium/boron blend, vitamin C (3000mg daily), 15,000 IU Vit. D3, and one calcium tablet. Salt pushes are horrid nasty, so I haven't bothered, I just drink around a gallon of distilled water daily.

I cannot tell the difference between the Iosol and Lugol's, even though Lugol's is purportedly much stronger, there is no color difference, no viscosity difference, no real taste difference. The Lugol's does stain the skin darker brown-red, but disappears quickly. (under 5 minutes)

Also, I have lost about 14 pounds the last month or so while on iodine therapy/detox. This I attribute to my no-meat/ vastly reduced sugar intake and whole foods eating habits. Iodine may have helped, but who knows?

I also had this wierd acne outbreak on my chin by my mouth for about 3 weeks. Oregano oil got rid of it.

No other complications.

My iodine therapy is about to get a rest. I wonder if there are any tests to see iodine saturation levels in the body?

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15% Lugols
by: Elizabeth

Thank you that will help.

And I did purchase the 15% at a reputable site.

Its just that most are only 2% so I didn't want to under use the iodine as I am looking for the maximum benefit.

Thank you.


You are welcome. Let me know how it goes for you. Keep in touch.

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