Elevated Thyroid Antibodies

by Kathy
(Jacksonville FL)

Hi, I have extremely elevated thyroid antibodies (both thyroid peroxidase and thyroid antiglobulin). Originally I was diagnosed with goiter 30 years ago and was on Synthroid till recently.

I am currently taking Armour and am open to trying iodine, if it would help. Do you have any ideas on this?


You might start out with one tablet of Iodoral at 12.5 mg. a day and then slowly build up.

See if you feel any difference since you are already on the Armour, you need to monitor this.

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Re: Thyroid Antibodies
by: Grizz

I am Grizz from the Curezone Iodine Group, and have done extensive research on iodine and thyroid antibodies. BTW) I am VERY impressed with your website!

The Iodine References Website:

What to do for Hashimotos (Thyroid Antibodies)

The importance of Selenium for the thyroid:

Why Selenium & Iodine are vital to the thyroid:

Hope this helps,

Elevated Peroxidase ab
by: Anonymous

My recent blood work showed TSH 3.64, free T3 2.96, iodine 50, free thyroxine 1.0, thyroglubin ab 20, thyr peroxidase ab 330. I asked do I have hypothyroidism or thyroid condition and was told no. Online research suggest elevated peroxidase ab as signs of Hashimotos or other immune disorder.

What test am I missing? Doctor suggested I eat gluten free and have past 5 months with no changes. The current plan is to check blood work again in 4 months.


I suggest you join a very active Yahoo Group where the main focus is iodine and related conditions. Go to iodine@yahoogroups.com and join.

They have a huge data base and I'm certain you'll find your answer.

Good luck to you.

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