Scalp Psoriasis - could it be Iodine deficiency?

by Patricia Registered Nurse

I have had scalp psoriasis for nearly 5 years & it has now spread around the sides of my face & all over my neck. I have tried MANY remedies - from Doctors & alternative remedies, with little effect.

I obviously cannot put Tincture of iodine on my scalp so perhaps Lugols would be better - BUT - at what dose??

My Doctor is unlikely to order a blood test for Iodine so perhaps it would be worth trying anyway??

A response would be good!


I suggest your paint your skin with decolorized iodine which is found in the Store on the front page of this site.

I would experiment first and water down the iodine with distilled water. This is not as strong as regular iodine. Dab on with a Q-tip to see if it burns first especially around the eyes.

I know a young man who had psoriasis on his legs and would not wear shorts in the Florida summertime.

He dabbed the regular liquid iodine on after a shower when the skin was soft and then placed moist bandages to soak the old skin off. This might be a weekend experiment for you.

It took several weeks of this treatment. However, his skin cleared up and he is now wearing shorts.

You asked if this may be an iodine deficiency. It may be in that the body is not strong enough to fend off this fungal infection.

Did you look at Psoriasis home treatment

I wish you well. I hope this helps.

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