Lugol's Dosage

by Tom

Could somebody explain to me please how (as described by Dr Abraham And Dr Brownstein) 15% lugol's containing 5% Iodine and 10% Potassium Iodide per 2 drops has 5mg of iodine and only 7.5mg of iodide. 10% potassium iodide should be 10mg not 7.5mg.

So is my maths bad or is there something that I'm missing. The Lugol's I have now states that the quantity of iodide per drop is double that of the iodine and this makes sense to me.

I need to know this when buying Lugol's and for taking the correct dosage. Thanks


I referred to Dr. Brownstein's book, and he set out that Lugols Iodine solution is composed of 10% potassium iodine, 5% iodine and 85% distilled water.

Two drops or .1ml of Lugols contain 5 mg. of iodine and 7.5 mg. of iodide which is similar to the physiologic dose of iodine needed for the entire body. Iodide is the reduced form of iodine which contains an extra electron.

I hope this clarifies this for you.

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