Major Health Decline


pain all over my body every moment of every day
Cherry angiomas
Low growth hormone
Mass on liver,breast,posterior pituitary
Drug resistant hypertension
High and low cortisol test results
Sensitivity to light
Red skin, also with sensitivity to sunlight I now burn instead of tan (I used to tan)
Baretts esophagus
Facial and abdominal edema
Extreme salt sensitivity

I have been sick for a long time. I have been told I have some autoimmune disorder along with that long list of diagnosis. Life is passing me by.

How Long will it be before I should notice a difference in my health. I did the patch test and it almost completely disappeared within two hours. I am doing the iodine and selenium protocol.

I had stopped taking the growth hormone injections as it is not indicated with tumor growth. Also it is a chemical cocktail.

I could not stand the pain so I started it again today. I am missing a ton of work. I just want to feel normal and to function like most people my age(41).

I have been on a low sodium diet for a year and a half. I also live in the northwest known for low selenium and low iodine.

Thank you for your site. It is very helpful!



I am so sorry that you are having all these troubles. I believe you may be able to get more comprehensive help from this chat group that I belong to:

Go to that link and sign up as a member. It has a very large following and a lot of valuable information.

Feel better soon.

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