Lugol's Iodine Dosage

by Reina

I had read on here from Dr. Brownstein to start at 6mg & “gradually increase” to 50mg.

What is “gradually increase”?

That can range from a week to a month. This is in regards to the 5% solution.

Thank you!


I found this information on the Iodine Yahoo Chat Group which I highly recommend for additional reading:

Iodoral Tablet: To develop whole body sufficiency, start slowly (½ – 1 tablet per day) and gradually increase the dose.

For example, week 1, take ½; week 2, take 1; week 3 take 1-1/2; etc. Continue increasing until taking 4 per day, or until you have reached the amount that is right for your body.

For the liquid I found this information:

100 grams (100ml) of Lugol’s solution = Iodine (5 gm) + Potassium Iodide (10 gm) + Distilled water (85 gm).

Drops are usually calculated as 20 drops in a ml. Therefore, two drops of Lugol’s = 12.5 mg iodine = 1 tab Iodoral.

Converting the tablet formula, an increase of one drop per week until you notice significant changes in your body from potential detoxification, would seem reasonable. You may then want to cut back until the detoxification clears up.

I am taking the Iodoral tablets and increased consumption on a weekly basis until I was up to 50 mg. and this is where I remain.

Let me know how you do.

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Lugols Drops - dosage "gradually" added
by: Grace


In case anyone finds this useful...

The way I did it was to add one drop every 3 days until I reached 8 drops. I had no adverse reaction.



Thanks Grace. I appreciate you sharing this information with others.

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