Chronic migraines and Iodine to cure hormonal imbalance?

by Jen

Please help me :) I need advice. I have suffered from chronic migraine for 22 the last 6 months it has got allot better as I have been doing water fasts to clear toxins. I'm down now to 6-7 days a month in pain (reduced from around 15-20 days!!!) now I get migraines and strong headaches before and during my period, so I know it's menstrual and hormonal imbalance.

I'm hoping Iodine can help me. I would love some guidance from some of you on how much I should take (plan to take lodoral form) and which supplements should I take with it? I'm worried I will get migraine attacks whilst I'm detoxing so want help to follow a protocol. I will do salt loading to help rid the toxins. I read Lynne Farrows amazing book. And would love to have an Iodine Literate Practitioner to guide me through.

I'm so happy I have found this site. Sending lots of love and wishing you all healing 💛💜💙 I'm in London/UK btw. Thank you so much in advance! Jen xx



Thank you for the compliments.

I suggest you go to the pages on this site for the recommended amounts of pills/supplements. You will need to take a reading on how you feel implementing this regime. It is very individualized as everyone is unique.

I strongly suggest you obtain Dr. David Brownstein's book, "The Miracle of Natural Hormones" to find an answer to your hormone imbalance.

I use his book, "Iodine" Why you Need it and Why you can't Live without it, 5th Addition." That is my bible for up to date information regarding the thyroid and iodine treatment.

Also, Janie A. Bowthorpe's book, Stop the Madness" has wonderful information about hormonal imbalance. Both books are available on Amazon.

Best of luck to you. It sound like you are on the right path toward resolving your migraines. I hope this information helps you to attain "full" relief.

Take care

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