Thyroid Disease

by Rose

I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, and Graves disease in the late 90's. I had a goiter in my throat and weighed about 90 pounds. I was given radio iodine which killed my thyroid, and now I'm on levothyroxide.

Lately my weight has been going up at a fast rate. I was tested and discovered I'm now hypothyroid. What concerns me is I was told to come back in a year, shouldn't my thyroid levels be tested more often than once a year to see if the levels has improved? Would taking iodine help my hypothroid?

In february of this year I was also diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Could both of these combined health issues have anything to do with me being so tired all of the time? Right now I'm frustrated because I have no control over my weight. I don't eat very much, yet I'm constantly putting on weight.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated at this point.


I am so sorry you're having such terrible problems. Your health concerns are beyond my scope of expertise.

However, I think if you join the Iodine Chat group at you will find a HUGE data base of information. The moderators are very knowledgeable and all the individuals who are active have extensive health concerns just like yours.

I wish you well. Stay in touch.

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