Iodine Overdose Question

by Shirley

First, thank you for this great website.

I've really enjoyed drawing from all the things you've learned about iodine, and it has been helpful in guiding me.

One thing that surprised me though was the paragraph on overdosing with supplements. I thought I had read (several years ago) that Dr. Brownstein said there's no worry about overdosing, as any excess will just pass through in urine.

Can you help me with a reference from his studies on this subject please?


You are right that Dr. Brownstein did say that any excess iodine will pass through the system.

However, he goes on to say that if the iodine is too high, it will cause a metallic taste in the mouth, increase salivation, cause headaches, sneezing and body ache.

He explained, iodine, just like any substance can cause adverse effects especially if someone is very sensitive.

His advice is to start with a low iodine dosage and slowly increase the amount.

I hope this answered your question.

Thanks for the compliment. I've worked very hard on this site trying to help other people.

Good luck to you.

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new info on side effects by Abraham and Brownstein
by: Shirley

Following up my last question and your answer from Dr Brownstein's book, I located the paper below and thought it will add to the question of side effects in iodine therapy.

from Dr Abraham and Brownstein's Iodine Publications #12:

Abraham, G.E., Brownstein, D., Validation of the orthoiodosupplementation program: A Rebuttal of Dr. Gaby’s Editorial on iodine. The Original Internist, 12(4): 184-194, 2005

The most common adverse effects of iodine/iodide supplementation observed at the Center for Holistic Medicine has been metallic taste in the mouth and acne. Based on the experience of three clinicians at that Center, with a combined patient population of some 4,000, the prevalence of these side effects is about 1%.

This is probably due to a detoxification reaction. The release of bromide may be one cause of this detoxification reaction. Clinical experience has continually shown that iodine/iodide supplementation results in a large urinary excretion of bromide (1,2). When bromide levels begin to decline, the above mentioned adverse effects begin to decline as well.

Chloride increases renal clearance of bromide (17) and the use of NaCl or ammonium chloride shortens the time required for bromide detoxification with orthoiodosupplementation. Oral administration of sodium chloride (6 to 10 gm/day) increased the renal clearance of bromide by as much as 10 fold with mean serum half-life of 290 hrs in pre-chloride load subjects and 30-65 hrs after chloride administration. Intravenous sodium chloride gives the same results as the oral route (18,43).

In the practice of medicine, we have seen very few natural therapies as safe and effective as orthoiodosupplementation. In the proper forms of iodine (inorganic non-radioactive forms), in daily amounts of iodine for whole body sufficiency and properly monitored, orthoiodosupplementation is not only safe, it is an effective tool for the clinician.

Prior to the availability of assays for thyroid hormones and without any test for assessing whole body sufficiency for iodine, our medical predecessors recommended a range of daily iodine intake from Lugol solution (12.5 – 37.5 mg) exactly within the range required for achieving whole body sufficiency for iodine (1,2). Relying on clinical observation of the patient’s overall wellbeing, our predecessors have given us useful information, which we have discarded in favor of preconceived opinions from self-appointed iodophobic pseudo experts. This has resulted in pandemic iodine deprivation. Iodine deficiency is misdiagnosed and treated with toxic drugs.

Orthoiodosupplementation may be the simplest, safest, most effective and least expensive way to help solve the health care crisis crippling our nation (9).


There are several other interesting papers at their website - at - under Iodine Publications.



Thanks so much for taking the time to share this information with us.

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