White Iodine - Bell's Palsy

by Norma
(Saint Petersburg, FL)

When I was 12 I had Bell's Palsy.

The school Dr. in my native Puerto Rico prescribed white iodine. I don't remember the dosage or what kind of iodine, not many choices at that time, but we bought it at the drug store.

When I was 30 I got BP again. No internet in those days so I bought some white iodine.

I will be 69 in a couple of days and I have a bout with BP again. This time I went to the health food store and bought some potasium iodine water base. The instruction say to take 3 drops every day in a glass of water.

A couple of nights ago, my affected ear (left) while I was sleeping, had fluid drain from it two nights in a row.

I had my husband put 2 drops and it helped alot since some kind of a gritty thing came out of the left side of my throat in the morning when I coughed.

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks


From what you have described, it seems you are having major detoxification symptoms - which is a very good thing.

Your body is clearing out infections - since Bell's Palsy is believed to be a viral infection, iodine is the perfect solution for you since this kills virus and bacteria.

Happy 69th Birthday and keep up the good work. You are on your way to better health!

I suggest you take a look at Halogens This will help you understand what our bodies are up against in this modern day world and how iodine can help.

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