What are the Benefits of Iodine for Treating Skin Conditions

by Sue
(East of the Mississippi)

Using the Benefits of Iodine for Treating Skin Conditions

Using the Benefits of Iodine for Treating Skin Conditions

Hi Jill,

I am curious about the benefits of iodine for treating skin conditions. I read the page on how well iodine can treat psoriasis.

Are there other skin conditions that iodine can treat effectively?

By the way, I find your website absolutely fascinating! Who knew that iodine could impact so many different physical and health factors?

Since I also have a website but all about anti-aging skin care, I'm particularly interested in learning about the benefits of iodine in treating various skin conditions.

Are there specific iodine products that you would recommend using for different skin conditions?

Thanks so much,

Anti-Aging Skin Care Product Review


I recently became acquainted with Rod Mulholland who specializes in thalassotherapy.

Thalassotherapy is defined as the layering of ocean components, such as whole seaweeds and ocean water over the body allowing the absorption of minerals and vitamins in a bio-available chelated form.

Ron wrote about a woman who suffered for ten years from eczema over her entire body.

She found instant relief when he rubbed dried seaweed on her arm as a demonstration of how beneficial seaweed can be. Additional treatments were required for full recovery of her condition.

I believe seaweed is the most natural product you can use for skin treatment while restoring iodine deficiency.

There are several seaweed products listed in the Store on this site in the Detoxification Section such as soap, soaks and dried seaweed.

The most commonly used seawiid is brown kelp such as kombu/laminaria or macrocystis pyrifera.

Thanks for asking. I hope this helped.

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