What are all the Natural Sources of Iodine

by Sue
(East of the Mississippi)

What are the Natural Sources for Iodine?

What are the Natural Sources for Iodine?

Hi Again Jill,

I have another question about the Natural Sources of Iodine. What are the best natural ingredients that provide iodine? Can any of them be used topically?

The reason I ask is because I have an entire section on my anti-aging skin care website about natural remedies for a variety of skin conditions along with recipes that can be made at home for just a few cents that promote facial rejuvenation.

Are there any natural recipes that you know of using iodine rich organic ingredients that can be made at home that will treat skin conditions like psoriasis?


Natural Skin Care Recipes and Remedies


I would recommend creating a blended paste of seaweed and organic spinach. These ingredients are an excellent source of iodine and can be applied liberally.

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