Too little Iodine in My Body

by gary squire
(Sarasota, FL)

I was in a low energy mode for a long time with symptoms such as constant cold feet, which I've had all my life, and high blood pressure. I did not know what caused them since I was doing alot of "health" things.

Then, I learned about the effects of the LACK of Iodine. I started doing different things to increase my iodine intake including iodine painting and taking iodine liquid. I have been feeling better since starting this iodine therapy. My feet are not as cold and my blood pressure has normalized.

I have shared this very informative site with lots of people to help them, too. I think the general public knows VERY little about how the lack of iodine will effect the body in so many ways.

Easy to correct once a person knows what to do.

Thank you Jill.

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