Starting Lugol's Iodine

by AT Sharp

I'm a 53 yr old female going thru menopause. Hypothyroid DX about 5 yrs ago, on low dose Levothyroxine.

Contracted Lyme Disease in 2010, took ABX for 4.5 months. Experimented with Salt-C protocol for parasites afterwards for 1 month. Supposedly cured, but joint pain has continued, from the elbows down to the wrists and into the knuckles. All this started when I got Lyme.

Now I have menopause kicking me along with the residual pain which always makes me suspicious that the Lyme (borrelia) is back.

I've never really detoxed from heavy metals and don't feel that I got rid of all parasites either. My skin is in bad shape, I crave sweets, need to lose 10 lbs. You know the deal. I've been adding Apple cider vinegar to my diet for a week.

So, now I have this 2% Lugol's. I want to feel better and this joint issue is bothersome.

What dose would be appropriate? I'd like to get rid of the parasites and heavy metals but don't want to Herx too badly. I just want to clean myself up.

I took about 15 drops today in water. We have well water, it's safe and I don't use a filter. It tasted so good, something about that iodine made me crave it. I put a few drops on the inside of my arm about 15 minutes ago and rubbed it in....I really can't see it now, only faintly.

Logically thinking, I better increase gradually. Any observations or suggestions here?


I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it, but there is hope.

The Lugols Iodine protoco is here.

You are correct about starting slowly. It took time for your body to become depleted of iodine and it will take time for it to be built back up.

The detoxification symptoms, if you detox too fast using iodine, can range from being slightly unpleasant to down right nasty. I know, I did it the hard way.

Be nice to your body and go slow. The iodine will do the trick.

Good luck and let me know how you do.

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by: Anonymous

I've been on the 50 mg dose from day far, I've had no side effects good or bad. It's been nearly 2 weeks. We'll see......


I wish you well.

If you do start to feel the detoxification sypmtoms, just back off a bit and let your body adjust.

Let me know how this works out for you.

by: Anonymous

Been on 50 mg daily from day 1. Been on this for nearly 2 weeks. No real difference noticed yet. Took a bit more tonight; 65mgs. We'll see what happens.


Keep me informed.

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