Severe Shellfish Allergy & Surgery

by Wendy

I have a severe shellfish allergy in that I cannot breathe the fumes of shellfish when it is cooked. I get anaphylactic shock, and, obviously, carry epipens wherever I go.

I'm curious, since I'm facing another surgery on Tuesday, what your take is on my docs refusing to use betadine during surgery. In past surgeries, as will also be the case on Tuesday, docs have refused to use betadine because they're not willing to find out if I'm allergic.

I've also had the experience of my surgical oncologist sending me for a contrast MRI and the MRI people refused to do the contrast because I hadn't been "pre-treated" - whatever that means. I'm guessing the contrast is also iodine?

Anyway, just wanted your thoughts on the subject. Great site, btw!!



According to Dr. David Brownstein, an iodine allergy is extremely rare - you being one of the unfortunate individuals. He states that the reaction to the contrast radioactive dye is no guarantee you are allergic to iodine such as Lugols or Iodoral.

He recommnds using NAET, an acupressure technique, to overcome the iodine allergy.
Their website is The telephone number is 714-523-3068.

Good luck on the operation on Tuesday. Let me know if you proceed with the NAET treatment. I would be interested in how it helps you.

Thanks for the compliment on the site. I've worked very hard to add vaulable information to help people just like you.

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NAET Treatment for Iodine Allergy
by: Wendy

So what you're saying is it would help with the shellfish allergy? I had no idea there was a treatment for this .....

I'm curious, if iodine naturally occurs in the body, how can you be allergic to it?


Often times, iodine is named as the culprit for the allergy when it is the pollutants in the product which causes the symptoms.

Please refer to the page on this site at Iodine Allergy> and Iodine Allergy Symptoms>

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