Psoriasis Cure

by John Bellin
(Arcadia, Ca, USA)

Being very curious after reading Dr. Simoncini's book, I decided to try baking soda on my chronic "athlete's foot" and chronic psoriasis on my left index finger.

Results? Cured both - and very quickly.

Athlete's foot totally cleared in three days. Finger psoriasis took about 10 days of applying a watery bicarb paste onto the area and letting it dry before going to bed at night.

Easy, quick, and cheap. Now whenever A.F. starts up I just dust the toes with bicarb before putting socks on & next day it's gone. Fantastic.

Think of the BILLIONS that are spent for anti-fungals each year!!

No wonder BIG PHARMA wants nothing to do with SODIUM BICARBONATE.


Big Pharma can't make bucks on a natural element, just like they can't make any money on iodine.

That's why you don't hear anything about it.

Its all about the money.

So sad.

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