Prozac - 12 Years - Help!

by Jennifer
(North Dakota)

I was on prozac for 12 yrs and found out it was madee with fluoride and quit.

I have been medication free for 6 months now but gained 35 pounds and have all the classic hypothyroid symptoms with immense dry brittle hair, hair loss, sensitive to hot and cold, and extreme fatigue. I have not gone to a Dr yet because My dr only prescribes synthroid.

I have a reverse osmosis water filter and use fluoride free toothpaste for about 3 months now and am on a nonsugar, nonflour diet with 1 hr cardio exercise a day plus long walks and have not lost a single pound.

I even contemplated going back on prozac to lose the weight. I ordered nutrimeds porcine thyroid and gradually upped my dose to 4 a day. I have crazy hot flashes so i dont know if that means its working?

I am looking for suggestions on how much iodine to start out with for detoxing and helping my thyroid

I am desperate!!! Hope to get some answers;)


Thanks for writing.

Please refer to Iodine Pills which sets out the amount of iodine to be taken either in the liquid Lugols form or the pill form called Iodoral> or perhap Iodine Supplements where I have made comments on all the various types of supplementation and detoxification products I have used.

I suggest you also review Mercury Detox which lists various natural products you can use for detoxification.

Keep me informed how you do. OK?

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