Peripheral Neuralgia - Iodine

by Trevor

I suffer from a condition diagnosed as 'peripheral neuralgia.' This condition presents as if my socks are continually bunched beneath my toes... not painful, but a nuisance.

A friend claimed that he had a similar condition whilst serving in the British Army and that they cured it with 'tinture of iodine.'

I am sceptical - given that the medical diagnosis links my condition to an old lower back injury - however, if you believe my friend's experience is credible, I would welcome your thoughts/recommendations.

Best regards,

Trevor Tucker.


Tucker, I did a bit of research and found a chat board where someone is having the same problems as you. Take a look at this:
Cure Zone

I hope this helps.

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Personal Test....
by: LinD

My own personal test to follow once my order arrives and I can start taking Lugol’s. This symptom presented itself the middle of September 2011. Despite low back pain and a resulting lumbar MRI, plus another MRI of brain (neurologist wanted to see it for my M.S.), my neuro determined this symptom a result of the M.S., though there were no new lesions.

I still have this annoying symptom, plus my feet are frequently cold--or at least feel that way, too, besides feeling like I am walking in sand. The bunched up sock description is another good way to describe the symptom.

I hope this cures the problem. I've never had an M.S. symptom last this long, so crossing my fingers on the Lugol’s.

Thank you.


I wish you well. Please let me know how the Lugols works for you.

Good luck.

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