Nuclear Radiation and Iodine

by A L

Hello from British Columbia.

I live in a remote community and have some iodine tincture I'd like to use as I cannot get access to potassium iodide pills. Health Canada just put the salt into prescription only mode and the pharmacies are not even stocking it.

I found only two bottles of iodine tincture in a local shop and bought them. How often can I swab the tincture on my abdomen or wrists to protect me from incoming radiation? I have Western Family brand, 2.5% BP iodine in 25 ml bottles.

How do I know how much of this to put on my skin and can I do it continuously long term in the event that the Japanese meltdowns continue?


You can swab this on your stomach or inside wrists daily about the size of a quarter. Your body will absorb as much as it needs.

Yes, you can take this long term. The amount being absorbed into your body is not a high amount.

Take a look at the Iodine Patch Test page on this site for more information.

Thanks for writing.

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Iodine Patch
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much. Do I place it on both wrists and my abdomen, or on one spot only?

I will look at your patch test page. :)


I usually do just a quarter size on my stomach. You don't want to use too much. You could detox too fast.

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