Lugols Iodine vs. Raw Iodine

by Kim

Iodine Mineral

Iodine Mineral

What is Raw iodine? Is it toxic? Is it different from Lugol's Iodine? How?


Good question Kim.

Raw iodine occurs naturally in only two forms.

One is in mineral form mined in Chile in the caliche. The other source is from brine from the sea.

According to Wikipedia, the Japanese Minami Kanto gas field east of Tokyo and the American Anadarko Basin gas field in northwest Oklahoma are the two largest sources for iodine from brine.

The brine is first purified and acidified using sulfuric acid, then the iodide present is oxidized to iodine with chlorine.

Lugols is a highly diluted form of iodine crystals. Because it contains free iodine, Lugol's solution can be found at 2% or 5% concentration.

A lethal dose of free iodine for an adult human is 2 to 3 grams.

Without proper dilution, the fully concentrated iodine can cause irritation and severe gastric distress.

I hope this answers your questions.

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