Liquid Zeolite Detox

Hi Jill,

First off, thank you for creating this site to help me obtain vital information regarding hypothyroid in ONE place.

You can't believe the relief I felt after reading your easy to understand and very helpful information, again, all in ONE place.

My question is Zeolite. It is to be used for cleansing the heavy metal and other toxins. I read somewhere that if a person is constipated, and they do not do a cleanse, the toxin will not be able to be come out of the body due to constipation.

If it cannot come out, then the toxin will just be recycled back into the blood stream.

So the question is does one need to do some colon cleasing first before using Zeolite or it is not needed?

Thank you,
Mary K Jackson



Thank you so much for your kind words.

The sole purpose of the site is to provide easy to read vital information and you just confirmed this to me. Thanks!

A colon cleanse is always a good thing to consider. But if you have regular bowel movements, it's not mandatory.

I always carry my bottle of water with me (which includes clay for balanced minerals and Red Barn baking soda for neutrality). Then, I have enough fluids to let the body eliminate naturally.

I hope this answered your question.

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No Hair on Outside of Legs!
by: Anonymous

Hi all,

I'm just wondering if low iodine can cause baldness on the outside of ones legs - bald outer calves?

I initially thought this was caused by my socks or by the other medications I'm taking (Tramadol and tegratol) but now I'm not sure.

The skin here is very dry and often itchy. Any comments anyone? I can submit a photo if that would help.


Yes, the lack of hair on the ouside of your legs could be from an iodine deficiency. The dry, itchy skin is also an indicator of an iodine deficiency.

A photo would be nice to show other people.

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