Keloid Scars

by Abdul Razaq

I am suffering from keloid scars on my chest and shoulder for the last ten years.

Two years back, the doctor said I have a thyroid problem and I am taking thyroxin tab 25 mg. every day.

The keloids are creating Hell of trouble for me epecially pus formation and itching.

I have knocked on all doors for relief. I don't know where this will end or what to do.


I am so sorry for all the problems you are experiencing.

I suggest you try an application of Lugols Iodine on the skin areas. Please be cautious. I believe tincture of iodine is too strong and will burn your delicate skin.

Please look at the page Keloid Scar Removal for alternatives to treatment of your skin condition.

I suggest you look at Iodine Supplements where you will see Iodoral listed. You should consider treatment internally as well as externally.

From all the reports I've seen, thyroxin and all T-4 mediations have failed people miseably because it is an incomplete formula for the body.

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Healing for Keloids!!
by: Anonymous

I had a 5 inch keloid on my chest after the first surgery to remove it failed. I used silicone pads and they healed the scar completely!


Wow! Thanks for sharing that information. I am so glad this helped you.

I'll pass this information on.

Scarring - Skin problems - Hair loss - Thyroid
by: Anonymous


I am a female also have thyroid problems but have never taken thyroid med yet. For the last 3 years I have had similar scarring which also looks similar to acne or folliculitis rash. It just wouldn't go. I am on numerous vitamins for the thyroid and have tried every thing even Chinese medicine which was sooo expensive £200 every month.

Then I researched Turmeric and its benefits and I am pleased that I tried it because it seems to help with the scarring on my shoulders and back and also preventing more from occurring. It also helps with acne and eczema and other skin problems.

Also I have severe hair loss which looked like a horror story in the bath when I washed my hair. Since I have been taking Turmeric and I also started on Lugols iodine, I have seen the amount of hair falling is reducing especially since I added the turmeric.

So, to confirm it has helped with the scarring on my back and shoulders, acne and also the scalp condition that was increasing my hair loss.

I researched the best way to take Turmeric is 1 level teaspoon 3 times daily for 1 week then take a break for 4 days then 1 week again and take a break again for four days until the skin condition improves or you see any required benefits.

I am gradually seeing improvement on my back. Once the condition improves, then you can reduce the dose to 2 teaspoons and then 1 teaspoon all the way down to half a teaspoon once a day but the 4 day break is good to prevent the body from getting too used to it.

Also, I am trying the lugols iodine very slowly, and Ascorbic Acid vit C powder later in the day and all the recommended vitamins that should be taken while a person is on any iodine therapy.

I hope this can may be help the person who posted and others too.

Good luck every one.


Thanks so much for sharing your information. I, too, hope this helps someone else regain their health.

Stay in touch!

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