Iodine with Supplements

by Patti Wilson
(Mt Tamborine Australia)

We are about to embark on Lugol's 5% solution (2 drops per day). Are these drops compatabile with other natural supplements or are there some supplements that we need to be aware of?

We will be using the Lugol's for our generally healthy well being.



Congratulations on being proactive for your health.

I've searched my records and the only contraindication I can find which may come close to the ingestion of iodine, is if you are taking Armour Thyroid medication and iron supplements.

It is suggested you take the iron several hours after you ingest the Armour. If the iron is taken at the same time as the Armour, the iron prevents the absorption of the Armour.

Other than that, I can't find anything that would cause a problem for you and your natural supplements.

Start with a low dosage of the Lugols so that you don't experience detoxification symptoms. If you start to feel odd, back off on the drops and let your body clear our the toxins. Then, start at a lower dosage.

You might want to consider a detoxification program if that happens. Take a look at Full Body Detox.

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