Iodine Rich Foods and Guideline to Renewed Health

by Molly
(Hinsdale, IL)

Here is how my family is trying to recover from Iodine depletion.

I feel great, it is working like a charm for me. My kids are still a work in process, but here it is:

Feel Great Diet

- Drink a lot of clean water, with fresh lime or lemon squeezed in it

- Eat foods naturally high in iodine

- Whole Milk with NO added vitamin A&D – best if warmed. (Add to coffee, make hot chocolate, etc)

- Fruits and vegetables that have some (brown eggs, asparagus, organic strawberries, cranberries)

- Ocean fish (salmon, bass, haddock, perch), sea vegetables (seaweed), tuna, sushi, miso

- Use Sun Evaporated Salt (NOT iodized salt). This provides a wealth of trace minerals needed. Salt heavily

- ‘Real Salt’ pink salt (for table salt), Himalayan salt

- Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt (instead of course salt/kosher salt)

- Read the ingredients of all foods to make sure there is NO added vitamin A Palmitate

- If you drink milk, choose a whole milk with NO added vitamins A&D (The only two I have found so far are Organic Valley Whole Milk Utra-pasturized Grade A, and Koloma Super Natural)

- Choose cream, yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products with NO added vitamin A Palmitate (Super Natural whipping cream, Dannon fruit on top yogurt, Dan Active drinkable, Sargento cheeses, Lynn Dairy cheese, some greek yogurts). Read the ingredients.

- Choose Cereals that have whole grains are NOT vitamin fortified (Three Sisters Honey Oaties, Old Wessex Instant Oatmeal)

- Stay away from protein/energy foods and drinks that have Vitamin A Palmitate

-Do NOT take multivitamins or supplements

- Avoid any foods or drinks that are fortified or enriched. (especially with iron or Vitamin D)

- Eliminate Aspartame/Nutrisweet/Splenda from your diet - NO Diet soda, No ‘sugar-free’ foods, NO sugar-free gum, sweeteners. Read labels on ‘Light’ foods

- Drink mineral water in glass bottles. Perrier, Pelligrino, Whole Foods Brand Italian ‘Still’ Mineral Water

- Spend as much time in the sun as possible

- Eat Leafy greans, Spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, green beans, dill pickles, asparagus, prunes, scallions, brussel sprouts

- Eat a lot of garlic, onion, apricots, almonds, nuts, celery, cucumber, lettuce, cantaloupe, potatoes, apples, grapes, lemons, limes, ripe bananas, olive oil (Any Alkaline forming food).

- Raw vegetables are best. If you cook them it is best to steam or roast. Do not boil them.

- Bake with whole grain flour (1/2 oat flour, half white whole wheat flour). Use turbinado sugar

- Barilla Plus pasta is great

- Avoid plastic packaging – Especially for anything acidic (juices)

- Avoid Carbonated drinks such as Mountain Dew, AMP Energy drink, some Gatorade, Code Red, Dr. Pepper, HC, Sun Drop, Fanta, Minute Maid Lemonade, Citrus Gatorade,

- Avoid certain brands of bread (Wonder, Sunbeam, Homepride, Martins Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s) that contain Potassium Bromate. It is in some pastas and cereals. May be labeled ‘enriched flour’

- If you eat lunch meat or hot dogs, buy only ‘uncured’ (Applegate or Wellshire lunchmeat and Colman’s hot dogs are good)


Molly, thank you so much for provided the detailed list that others can use to help restore their health.

I am especially interested in the overdose of Vitamin A, D and iron that we are receiving in our food. I wasn't aware of that.

I am so glad that you and your family are doing well with this protocol.

All the best to you.

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Vtamin D Warning
by: Anonymous

80% of the western population are vitamin D deficient since skin cancer warnings about wearing hats and slathering on sunscreen.

Vitamin D (supplemented or from the sun) is VITALLY essential for an effective immune system and telling people to avoid it is just NOT good advice.


I totally agree. Plus, anytime I am outside I remove my glasses. The lenses in the glasses stop the absorption of Vitamin D.

Thanks for sharing.

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