Iodine Patch Test - Cherry Angioma

by Kiley

On the Iodine Patch Test page you mention you're iodine deficient if the color COMPLETELY disappears... does that mean the skin would look as if nothing were put on it?

I put a patch on my 14 month old's skin before bed. In the morning I thought it had disappeared, but when I looked closer I saw it was still barely there. It remained the same for the next 24 hours.

Since it didn't COMPLETELY disappear, I tend to think she's not iodine deficient, but I don't want to rule it out if there's wiggle room on your definition of "completely".

My daughter's back story: A hemangioma started growing on her eye shortly after birth, and she's been on Propranolol for months. A few weeks ago, a cherry angioma appeared on her face and is growing in size and height.

Thanks for any advice/thoughts/help!


From what you describe, it appears that she may be fine for the amount of iodine in her system.

I did a quick search for the side affects of Propranol and you might want to take a look at the site called Kids Health.

Have you considered there may be toxins causing the cherry angiona issue? These toxins could have been passed by you or the medication itself may be an issue.

Usually, its bromine in the flour products which builds up in the system.

I just added a page about Adya Clarity which you might want to consider as a natural type of detoxification for you and your daughter. Here is the page: Full Body Detox

Let me know how it works out for you.

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Adya Clarity Scam
by: ecliptic

The product Adya Clarity has been exposed as a scam, unfortunately. See the article published on the website called Natural News.

The best way to achieve safe drinking water is to occupy city hall and demand they remove fluoride. See the website called Fluoride Alert.

Also, boycott bromated flour products and demand your favorite restaurants use un-bromated flour. See the King Arthur website.


If you will do more reading about Adya Clarity, you will find that Mike Adams created a smear campaign without understanding all the facts. That's very unfortunate.

I will stand by the product because I believe it is very beneficial. I consume it daily as well as my animals. I will continue to use it since it removes fluoride along with other pollutants from my drinking water.

As to bromated flour, your best bet is to read the ingredients on the packages for bromated flour. If it says "enriched", then its bromated.

Thank you for sharing your information. I am certain other individuals are interested in reading the information you provided.

Please feel free to post additional comments.

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