Iodine Intake - Prevention and/ or Maintence

by Sid Aust
(Greenwood, MS USA)

I have always known about Iodine but just found your site.

I think I want to start taking the iodine. Gee,I think that's an important thing to be included in my diet. I had colon cancer in 07 and I take lots of supplements, but I don't take iodine. It seems it is a very overlooked item. I take minerals but do not know how much iodine is in it.

I guess my question is, would it be safe to take the iodine daily just as a prevention? And, also if, say I had an iodine problem, would taking it daily in normal amounts help balance it out in the long run?




If I understand your question correctly, you are wondering (1) If you need an iodine supplement; and, (2) If you take the minimum daily amount; would this address any potential problems you may have in the future. If only I had a crystal ball and I could give you a simple answer.

I believe everyone needs iodine supplements simply because of the chemicals assulting our bodies from the medications, preservatives in the food products, personal care products and pollutants in the air and water.

The amount of iodine recommended by Dr. David Browstein for normal daily requirements would be from 1 to 4 tablets of Iodoral taken throughout the day. Refer to the site page, "Benefits Of Iodine" for more information. Should symptoms occur as set out on the page, "Iodine Deficiency", you may increase the dosage.

My crystal ball says that only you can judge how well iodine is working for you by the way you feel.

I hope this information answered your questions.

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