Iodine Disinfectant for Psoriasis

by Rio

Many psoriasis patients due to itching will choose to use iodine as skin disinfectant.

Can I use iodine on psoriasis skin lesions for skin disinfection?

Is it right for the skin as the long-term use of iodine skin disinfectant?


Iodine is extremely safe to use on psoriasis skin lesions. It can also be used for long term use. The only thing I would suggest is to make certain the iodine does not touch normal skin. It can burn. However, if you will remember when your mother blew on your cut and made it better, you can do the same thing to dampen the burn.

Iodine does dry out the skin. I suggest aloe vera gel to soften the crusts or apply warm clothes with soaked in water.

Please refer to Psoriasis Home Treatment for more information.

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