Iodine Deficiency?

by Chris

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I have all the symptoms that you listed in your personal story except two:

1: I have insane amounts of body hair that grow at an unreal rate I have to shave everyday.(with the exception of my head, the hair on my head grows very slowly.)

2: My body temperature is always HIGH. My normal temp is 99.1 and has been that way since I was very little. No doctor has ever been able to tell me why.

Is this iodine deficency?

I also read something saying you should not take iodine pills for more than ten days, but some people on this site said they took it for years. How do you know how many to take a day and for how long to take it?


I really can't tell you about the body hair issue. I have no knowledge of that.

Everyone has a different body temperature and you fall within the "normal" range. Since you've been this way all your life, I would guess, this is your "norm".

You can do the iodine patch test to see for yourself if you are iodine deficient.

I believe you may have read about taking iodine for radiation fall out.

I have been taking iodine supplements in the pill form of Iodoral for almost two years and I will continue to take them for the rest of my life.

There is no iodine naturally available for our bodies to utilize. We must supplement if we want to maintain our health.

Please refer to the page Iodine Supplements for suggested dosages.

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