Iodine Deficiency Test

by Shaune
(Charlotte, NC)

Hello, from all that I have read I feel like I may be Iodine Deficient.

But, because I am a Black American and the tincture is clear how can I know if I am in fact iodine deficient?

Should I use lugols to do the test?


The tincture of iodine is orange colored. Hopefully, this will show up on your skin. The white iodine or yodo blanco is clear. Lugols is best when ingested. It does not have the same chemical composition as tincture of iodine.

The best way to determine if you are iodine deficient is to review the list of symptoms on Iodine Deficiency to see how many of these apply to you.

It all comes down to how you feel before using iodine as a supplement and how you feel after starting the protocol.

Please note that this is not an overnight fix. It took time for you to find yourself feeling this way and it will take time for it to be corrected.

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by: baxter

I am curious, does it mean that when we take iodine deficiency test, we have a hypothyroidism?

I'm not so sure about this because I haven't tried this test before.

By the way, I also got some information on this topic on


You can go to the Iodine Patch Test page in this site which will provide you with more information to determine if you are truly iodine deficient.

Good luck.

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