Iodine and MultiVitamin

by Matt R.
(Fort Wort, TX, US)

Hello, I wanted to ask if the iodine in my daily multivitamin/ multimineral is not a very good source of iodine compared to Lugol's iodine. The bottle says 150 mcg of iodine which is 100% of daily value. After reading the benefits of Lugol's I would like to try it but would it be safe to take the multivitamin/ multimineral as well?


Matt, You would benefit from the addition of taking Lugols. The Suggested Daily Value is not an accurate barometer for your body's needs.

There should not be any conflict with your multivitamin.

Dr. Brownstein suggests 6 mg. daily and building up slowly to 50 mg.

I hope this helps.

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