Iodine and Animals

by Lisa

I was wondering if this product could be used in felines and would it help pseudomonas. If yes what would the dosage be?


I put one drop of Lugols which is equal to 6.25 mg. for my cat and dog. If it is any stronger, they won't drink it.

I believe this will really help your cat. Iodine is a universal purifer for all types of afflictions whether it is in humans or animals.

I also did some checking around and found a conversation on Cure Zone where one woman puts 1 drop of Lugols (6.25 mg) in the water for her animals.

Your cat may experience a detoxification and become more congested before the symptoms start to clear out of the body.

These symptoms are not caused by the iodine, but by the halogens or disruptors being released from the body.

Let me know how your baby does.

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