Iodine Allergy?

by Holly
(Channelview, Texas, US)



I have always eaten shell fish my entire life but a couple of years ago, I had a reaction to Tiger Shrimp. I got big red bumps all over my body and my throat started to swell.

Since then, I haven't eaten any Tiger Shrimp, but this past year I had taken one bite of regular Gulf Shrimp and had the same reactions.

I haven't eaten any shell fish since my last reaction and that was about 10 months ago.

I was wondering if I should go get an allergy test for Iodine and/or Shell Fish?


To have testing done, you would need to find someone who has knowledge in this area. Not too many doctors are even aware of this problem.

If you would feel more comfortable having the testing done, that is your choice.

If you have not already done so, I recommend you review the pages on this site: Iodine Allergy and Iodine Allergy Symptoms

This will provide more information for you and help you make a decision about testing.

Good luck.

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