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I'm sure this is probably covered somewhere on this site, but I just stumbled in here and would like to ask a question.

I'm 41. When I was in my early 20's, I had a mild reaction with itchy eyes with swelling, to an injected dye.

When I was very young I had a severe reaction to sea food /shellfish, my entire back turned into one massive hive, had to be rushed to the hospital.

Oddly enough, I resumed eating shellfish in my early 20's and didn't have any reaction until the dye injection. As I recall, the doctor told me to make sure I notify medical staff of Iodine Allergy in the future.

So my rambling question is, if I do have allergy to iodine, how can I eat many iodine containing foods like strawberries, bananas, meat, salted foods etc without issue?

Is testing warranted?


The minute amount of iodine in the foods you mention occur naturally. The iodine you were exposed to in the dye is entirely different in composition.

I suggest you do selective sample testing to see if you have any reactions to the food you mention.

As to having testing done, you would need to find someone who has knowledge in this area. Not too many doctors are even aware of this problem.

If you would feel more comfortable having the testing done, that is your choice.

I recommend you review the pages on this site Iodine Allergy and
Iodine Allergy Symptoms

This will provide more information for you and help you make a decision about testing.

Good luck.

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