Iodine Allergy - Not Sure

by David
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

As a child I was subject to a brain scan after a car accident. I was injected with iodine so the images would show up better for the doctors to see. I had an allergic reaction to the iodine and needed a blood transfusion to counter-act the reaction...Though, I can still eat shell fish with no issues, and take multi-vitamins with iodine in them with no issues...Though, when swabbed with iodine on the skin, I swell up in the location of the swab, but no physical reactions...So, how allergic am I to Iodine??

Can I take a Potassium Iodine Tablet if needed for Radiation poisoning?? Can you clear this up??

Thanks, David


I don't feel it worth putting your health at risk trying to take a potassium iodine tablet when you know how you react externally to the application of iodine.

There is an alternative.

Here is the link which will take you to Dr. Mark Allan Sircus' blog: Using sulfur as an alternative to counter act radiation poisoning

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