Iodine Allergy combined with Iodine deficiency

by Kay

I am severely allergic to iodine. This was discovered when I went into Anaphylactic shock after being injected with Iodine Contrast Dye.

I also show many signs of being iodine deficient. Is there any way I can overcome the latter without inducing the former?

My blood tests for thyroid function were normal, despite physical evidence suggesting low levels.


The contrast dye used is a different chemical composition than the naturally occuring iodine in food sources.

The reaction in your body is caused by the release of histamines from the dye. An epinephrine or epi pen would be a good thing to carry with you if you are truly allergic to iodine.

Dr. Brownstein, specialist in the field of iodine deficiency, states that the common reaction to the dye used in the medical field, does not guarantee an allergy to inorganic iodine/iodide used in Lugols or Iodoral.

You might try the Iodine Patch Test. Paint only a very small area - dime size - to see what happens.

If there is no reaction, then try a larger size test area. If nothing happens, then you know you will be able to tolerate either a liquid or pill form of iodine to treat your iodine deficiency.

If you truly are allergic to iodine, Dr. Brownstein recommends a treatment called NAET which has been used successfully.

Let me know what you decide to do.

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