Hypothyroidism - Decline

by Valerie

Hi There,

Just writing to say I was very glad to find you're web site. I have learned a great deal thanks.

I started to get ill approxinately two years ago. Profound fatigue at that point and increase of infections, general aches and pains, easily injured. Prior to this I lifted weights and ate well so was relatively fit.

I dropped the intake of iodised salt and most super market bought salt as this is advised by most nutritionists and body builder web sites. I also learned that most of the salt contains aluminium as a free flowing agent and I was on a cleanse mission at the time.

Slowly over time it became more difficult to recover from work outs and injuries. Some injuries deteriorated and caused scar tissue and restricted range of movement and needed physio.

Occasionally I would have a period of wellness, but then be ill again. I now attribute this to possibly taking the odd different supplement or shake that contained iodine from time to time. But in general it was a two steps forward to hypothyroidism and one step back.

Eventually, I deteriroated to such a state that over the course of the past two years, one by one I have typically presented with almost every symptoms of hypothydroidism thats pretty much listed out there with a few more confusing ones to add such as a let down sensation in the nipples as a 48 yo. Profound thinning of scalp hair (my GP kept insisting it was stress related). My hair was dry and brittle. My outer eye brows have almost disappears. I have increased colour on the cheeks as you have, but many thread veins ( I look like a walking alcoholic).

During this time, I got a chest infection and needed two lots of antibiotics and prednisone to treat it. From there, my health took a huge leap down hill. My GP kept insisting I had IBS... I knew it was something more. I have chronic candida (systemic)which I am only just getting control of. Had to have surgery this year for what a gyneacologist thought sounded like endrometriosis, but none to be found upon surgery.

Because I started with this at aged 46 years, most of my gynea problems were put down to "age" such as delayed menses. Sometimes did not see a period for three months at a time.

Then, the bladder and urethral problems started and this developed into what one GP described as interstitial cystitis. I only saw a urologist a few weeks ago who said I may need a urethral stretch or bladder stretch possibly as my urine flow is slow and I am retaining approx 70ml urine even after i feel I have emptied my bladder.

Of course, I have gained almost 2.5 stone in 12 months even though I was eating far less in reality. In fact, so much less I am staggered that I could even gain weight. As I startd with water retention I was referred to the urologist as the Gp could find no reason for that. I have hired and fired two Gp's in the past two years because they seemed to think I was a walking hypochondriac or muchaussans or something.

That I think was the worst of it... knowing and feeling so profoundly fatigued and ill to the stomach (slow gut motility and constipation, bloating, slow gastric emptying etc) and Doctors just thinking I'm a complete whiner.

It got much worse... because I had water retention of course I cut back sodium of any kind even further. Drank more water. Had swollen lymph nodes in my thighs and waterlogged legs. Every night as I fell to sleep just as I was dropping off I would feel this nerve like bussing sensation from my extremeties that then came up my spine to my core - a shiver like I have never had before.

Constantly itching skin, scalp, crotch area. I felt I had parasites or something so went on numerous gut cleanses and diets to " clean my colon or bowel" none of which helped a probably killed half a ton of more friendly bacteria in my guts. Developed an oesaphgeal ulcer and it is painful some days when I swallow. Pulled my achilles tendon just walking.

Of course, my GP had checked for thyroid problems last year and at that stage my tests came back in the normal ranges. However, had they run tests for iodine defiency I feel this would have been picked up earlier.

Whenever I have had the time on my computer ALL I have done is research and research inputting all my symptoms into the search engine. Many, many times hypothyroid problems came up but because of the tests I brushed it off.

Then just over a week ago finally I did some more research and discovered that iodine defiency is very common presently. I quickly punched in "foods containing iodine" and what came up I never ate any of it. I just knew... I also figured that I had adrenal fatigue and goodness knows what else due to raised stress hormones.

I immediately went out and purchased adrenal support supplements and thydroid support supps ans started to take them along with a multi vitamin. I cannot believe the increase in my energy in just a week and my permanent dull headache (felt like my head was stuffed with cotton wool in the top!) have gone.

I am hoping that my tinnitus will also go...it has been with me for almost two years also and drives me crazy!

I feel there is hope now and that I am now on my way to recovery. I just wish I had not been so exposed to this for so long. I am worried that there may be some other illness hidden that I don't know about as my GP's and health specialists have not done thorough checks. I am wondering if there is anything I need to get checked at this point health wise.

Now when I reflect back I think that I have had this for much longer than two years off an on but it became more pronounced as I became more health conscious.

I am so happy this week. my mood is so uplifted and I feel I will now get my thick well conditioned hair back and that my skin will finally improve. I have spent thousands of dollars on supplements the past two years in an hit and miss attempt at improving my health but of course nothing has helped because my thyroid couldn't work properly obviously!

I have started to supplement at 300mcg of iodine and would like to know if this is a good amount to start at given that I have been deficient.

Initially I had a little throat ache the first day or so but this has gone. I am losing weight already and feeling lighter and no aches and pains. I'm taking it easy for a few weeks and then I'm hoping to get back to fitness and weight training. I have missed this a great deal and my physical fitness deteriorated so much that I wound up feeling 90yo not 48 yo.

My most awful experience was when I described my fatigue to my GP and my dizziness, vertigo and losing my balance occasionally whilst using my camera and my infrequent menses. He told me this was "normal" for my age and not unusual along with the serious migraines that I had. I know women of my age slow down somewhat, but I honestly saw more life in women who were 20-30 years older than me and I had started to feel scared that I may have some type of cancer.

Awful awful feelings of doom every day and especially so when my head began to feel stuffy. The low temperatures were the pit's and I could never seem to get warm no matter what time of year!

My temperatures are fluctuating at the moment but I am not feeling as cold. How long should I expect this to take on the road to recovery? Has anyone got any ideas as to whether this is weeks or months and can you tell me if I am supplementing iodine at the correct doses. I assumed that my thyroid was iodine sensitive so started low to begin with.

I'm hoping that my metabolism will pick back up pretty quickly. I have not been to my GP as yet to discuss what has happened but would like advice before I do. I am booked in for Bowen therapy tomorrow and have a hairdressers appointment to pamper myself finally.

I will also be booking in for a session of lymphatic drainage massage to help clear my lymph niodes a little more quickly. I am also taking a product for systemic candida and I am hoping that taking this approach will have me feeling a lot better four weeks from now. Are my expecatations realistic? Thanks in advance!


Valerie - Wow! Have you ever been through it.

You and I have chatted off this site and I am pleased to report that Valerie is slowly increasing her iodine intake. I advised her to go slowly so that she will not detox too quickly with the additional iodine.

I have asked her to check back in to let us know how she is doing on her way to full recovery.

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Hypothyroidism - Decline Exact
by: Anonymous

Wow this was exactally how I have felt for so long and looked at people who could get up in early in the morning and not take a few naps a day like super humans.

It actually made me exhausted for them. I have been suffering with the fatigue for a good three yrs now and never knew and of course my Drs just upped my dose of prozac which I believed caused it all in the first place.

Whatsupplements are you taking for your thyroid and adrenal? And how are you feeling?

I am ordering my iodine today and looking forward to some positive feedback as I feel this is my last option. An when you say you felt like a 90yr old that really hit home as do I and I just turned 30. I think mine is so severe because the dr had me on prozac for 12 yrs.

Hope you are doing better!


Let us know how you do when you start your iodine supplementation.

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